Frequently Asked Questions

The different license options can be found on the license page.

There is no license key anymore required for the Community Edition of Alea GPU V3. For Alea GPU V2.x log in to your account and open My Profile > My Licenses.

The error [ERROR] Defining anonymous module.: The target GPUs are not allowed for this license: [||] means that your license is not valid for your current GPU. Did you install an Alea GPU license at all? Install the license using the Alea LicenseManager as described in the manual You can get a free comunity license by signing up here. Do you use a professional GPU like a Tesla or Quadro card? In this case you need to contact us to obtain a professional or entrprise license.

We want to provide you with the rights answers and solutions as quickly as possible. You can help us in doing so. Give us the information we need in order to identify your problem. This is what your problem report should contain:

  • Alea GPU license key.
  • Version of Alea GPU.
  • Information about version and edition of your IDE.
  • System information as obtained by running msinfo32.exe in a console:
    1. Operating system name and version
    2. Processor type
    3. RAM size installed
    4. System type (32 / 64 bit)
    5. All installed display adapters (from section Component/Display)
    6. Information about your GPU(s)
    7. Version of the .NET CLR used
    8. Application trace log or generated error message.
      • Problem description, as specific and exact as possible. Describe the intention, the desired result and the obtained result. Also include any further information which might be related to the problem.
      • If possible, provide a unit test or a sample which allows us to reproduce the problem. Include all relevant parts but try to make the code as short as possible by leaving out any parts which are not needed for reproducing the problem.
      • Send all the information by email to
      • We may ask for further information, so add your contact details.
We investigate the problem and get back to you as soon as possible.