• Alea GPU
  • Version 3
  • Professional GPU development
  • for .NET and Mono
What our customers say about us:

The Alea GPU library is absolutely amazing! I love it. Thank you.

I gave Alea GPU V3 a shot. It works wonderfully with my GTX 1080.

Supercool, I wonder if we will have an entire game engine full made in C#.
It's really encouraging to see you guys so responsive. Looking forward to what you'll do next.

Thanks for all your ongoing support, its much appreciated.

Quantalea should be bought by Microsoft & made free for developers like Microsoft did with Xamarin.
This is really good stuff! I can see performance improvements in my tests as well. I'm really happy with this.

An amazing product, thank you. I tried using OpenCL once but it was quite a challenge for a .NET developer.
The new version 3 of Alea GPU looks very cool. I will try and put together some examples for the gallery as I learn it.

I wish developers would know more about these toolchains, instead of thinking C, C++ and Fortran are the only game in town.